The art of selecting perfect gifts


Whether you are huge social freak or an inrovert with handful of close friends, you always look for the right gift for the special people in your life.


Gift exchange is a major part of celebrating holidays, fesitivals, birthdays and numerous other occasions. But now, with millions of ideas for gifts available in market, it has become more and more difficult to get the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you have felt that way, then here are our few cents to help you master the art of this beautiful gesture.


What kind of gift?

There are two major approaches to find the right gift for any person. The first one is “Recipient-centric-gift”, where you try to find a gift that reflects the qualities or interests of the person receiving the gift. The second one is “Giver-centric-gift” – which is where you are focused on giving something that reflects own personality or discloses something about you as an individual. But which option is better?


Well there is always a deeper meaning in gifts that reflect your own personality than buying something you think they might like. Gifts that are symbolic of the giver seem to be highly appreciated. Also a major trouble with recipient-centric-gifts is that a lot of the time you second-guess what a recipient would like.


So go and buy something that reflects your taste.



Having a complete understanding of occasion is very crucial to gift giving. Imagine gifting happy birthday t-shirt to your wife ones eve of your anneversay. You get the idea

of what will happen next. So do understand what an occasion reflects and what it stands for.


But honey, what about the Money?

There are multiple factors you need to understand here:


It’s a great joy to gift something amazing to important people in your life. So be generous as there is nothing more satisfying than making loved ones happy but do consider your monthly budgets and savings so that you don’t shoot a hole in you wallet.


-Money as gift

Some people like to lessen the risk of giving a bad gift by giving money as gift. Your loved ones will be glad to get money but giving money as gift isn’t necessarily a good idea as it doesn’t reflect any effort made by the giver to please the receiver.


-Value for money

People tend to believe that expensive gifts are appreciated more than inexpensive ones, whereas in reality there is no association between the price of a gift and receivers feelings of appreciation. So don’t just buy the most expensive thing but try to understand what is worth your money and will help the receiver in his life.


With above mentioned things in your mind you can go ahead an buy greate gifts for friends and family. Now go to shop-zone at and pick the best things for your loved ones.

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